PARK STORIES: – Season 8 –


01/02/05        Mike Lewis: A Man and His Music

01/09/05        The Session at Omni Sound

01/16/05        A Special Kind of Music

01/23/05        The Sights and Sounds of Lower Broadway

01/30/05        Paul Swenson: The Healing Field


02/06/05        Dr. Leon Bass: Dead On Arrival

02/13/05        The Rossis: More Than Golden

02/20/05        Father Thomas O’Hara: JFK, One Day in October

02/27/05        My Name Is Fatima and I Love America


03/06/05        Patrick Murphy: Coming Home

03/13/05        The Butler Irish Dancers In Windsor Park

03/20/05        Calvin LeHew: A Man and His Dream

03/27/05        Marilyn LeHew: From Drums to Franklin


04/03/05        Judge Max Rosenn: A Man for All Seasons, Part 1

04/10/05        Judge Max Rosenn: A Man for All Seasons Part 2

04/17/05        Judge Max Rosenn: Simply the Best.

04/24/05        A Conversation with Richard Gelfond


05/01/05        The Irish Teachers Festival in Windsor Park

05/08/05        Steve Gibson: Making Music the Nashville Way

05/15/05        Mike Lewis: A Man and His Music

05/22/05        WVIA Auction

05/29/05        JJ Murphy: The Healing Field at Kirby Park