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Windsor Park Stories to Begin Fourth Season with Frank Andrews Story

Windsor Park Stories will begin its fourth season on Sunday January 14, with the first of a two part series on Frank Andrews entitled, "One Day at a Time."

Andrews, the popular television anchorman, chose Windsor Park Stories as the venue to tell the story of his 22 year battle with alcoholism.

"I know you and your wife, and I trust you," Andrews told Tony Mussari, producer of Windsor Park Stories. "Moreover, I feel that I must do this. I want to be helpful," Andrews said.

In what has been described as a riveting half hour of television, Andrews recounts in great detail what the disease did to his life, his family and his career.

He also has some very poignant words of apology for people he hired and people he worked with during his career.

The Frank Andrews story will air Sunday, January 14, at 7 p.m. on WVIA TV. Part Two entitled "Demons Within" will air January 21, at the same time.

Windsor Park Stories started in 1997 as an interesting experiment in local television. Today it is a series with broad appeal to viewers in cities far away from Northeastern Pennsylvania.

When Windsor Park Stories begins its fourth season, several of the episodes will focus on people from Atlanta, Georgia, Washington, D.C. and Cape May, New Jersey.

The series has an international dimension as well. Sister Sponsa Beltran tells the story of her work in Liberia, and Lisa Quin explains why she left Ireland 14 times to lead the Irish teachers visit to King's College.

"The producers of Windsor Park Stories dare to be different, in that they focus on the motivational and compelling stories of 'extraordinary' ordinary people," writes Barbara Jackson, Director, Chamber of Commerce of Greater Cape May, NJ.

The series is "enlightening," she continues, "It is very well done and the professionalism of the creative team of Mussari-Loftus Associates comes through in the quality of the pieces."

Jackson was among the guests at a special screening for King's College alumni at Cape May City Hall in October. She was very impressed by the Windsor Park Story featuring Fr. Thomas O'Hara, the newly inaugurated president of the Holy Cross run college in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

The Cape May episodes scheduled for 2001 include:

The Many Faces of Jackson Street Renaissance: The Virginia Hotel, Curtis Bashaw
A Victorian Mayor: Bruce Minnix
CBS: The Golden Years, Bruce Minnix
The Greatest Loss: Linda Loughlin
On the Way to Cape May: Skip and Linda Loughlin
Painting Jackson Street: Sue Hand

Other episodes focus on:

beating cancer, Steve Seitchik;
The Library of Congress, Dr. James Billington;
the demon of alcoholism, Frank Andrews;
the retirement of a college president, Chris Breiseth;
the challenges of a state legislator, Phyllis Mundy;
and the pioneering efforts of the first female minister in Atlanta, GA, Dee Donnelly.

The story of Sister Sponsa, called the Mother Theresa of Wilkes-Barre by the Times Leader newspaper, takes the viewer to Liberia, Africa. There, this frail, legally blind, 76 year old religious sister struggles mightily to rescue handicapped children who are stereotyped as witched.

Two musical episodes will feature the Butler School of Irish Dancers performing at the second annual Irish Teachers Festival in Windsor Park, and the Polish National Alliance Dancers Performing at St. Mary's Annual Homecoming and Picnic in Mocanaqua.

"We are very pleased with the variety of shows for the new season," said Tony Mussari. "This year we will finish our 80th episode, our first Christmas Special, "The Nutcracker," with Kristin Degnan and Ballet Northeast, and we will launch our first Windsor Park Stories Thank You Tour. Not bad for an idea that started with the reclamation of a neighborhood eyesore and the construction of a two acre perennial garden in 1996."

Commenting on the series Kim Kieper Cardone wrote: "Windsor Park Stories is about real people, real lives, real messages, and real hope." She continued, "Windsor Park Stories is a reason to watch TV again."

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