Windsor Park Stories


The Creator

Developed and produced by veteran filmmaker Tony Mussari, "Windsor Park Stories" is the culmination of Mussari's 15-year documentary career. Currently serving as Professor and Chairman, Mass Communications, King's College, in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Mussari's film credits include:

  • Centralia Fire(1982)
  • No Second Chances: An Examination of the Insanity Defense in Criminal Cases(1984)
  • Unfinished Business: Teen Suicide Everyone's Concern(1985) The First of a Three Part Series on Teenage Suicide
  • What's A Parent To Do About Teenage Suicide(1986)
  • When Hope Becomes Despair(1987)
  • Children of Poverty in the Wyoming Valley(1989)
  • Friday Night Heroes(1991)
  • Building Power and Class(1994) The Story of the Award Winning University of Massachusetts Minuteman Marching Band, Known As The Power & Class Of New England

    The Awards

    Mussari is no stranger when it comes to being honored for his completed works. Consider this partial listing of awards:

  • Colombus International Film Festival, Chris Statuette Award, "Centralia Fire"(1983)
  • American Film Festival, Finalist, "When Hope Become Despair"(1987)
  • National Educational Film festival, Silver Apple Award, "Friday Night Heroes"(1992)

    The Grants

    Over the years, Mussari has been awarded a host of production grants. A few examples include:

  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Production Grant(1982)
  • Pennsylvania State Education Association, Underwriting Grant(1985)
  • The Pennsylvania Humanities Council, Humanities in Contemporary Life Grant(1986)
  • The Martin Luther King Committee, Jewish Social Services, Pennsylvania Humanities Council, Production Grant(1988)

    Since 1982, Dr. Mussari and his wife Kitch Loftus-Mussari have produced approximately 2,000 corporate presentations. Their clients have included J.P. Morgan, Merril Lynch, The Pinnacle Alliance and The Federal Reserve Bank Of New York.

    The Series

    "Windsor Park Stories" began its second season on WVIA Channel 44, January 17, 1999. During this one hour special program viewers got an historical tour of the construction of Windsor Park. Special guests included, Sue Hand, Jack Edwards and Nathan Keil. Kitch Loftus-Mussari, one of the first female broadcasters in NE PA made her debut on Windsor Park Stories.

    Come with us to a very special place called Windsor Park!

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