Windsor Park Stories

Park Visitors

The People

The featured guests of "Windsor Park Stories", billed as ordinary people with extraordinary stories, are familiar to everyone. As these individuals sit back in Windsor Park and relate their experiences, you will find yourself leaning forward and feeling totally engaged.

As the stories unfold, it becomes obvious that this is a neighbor speaking. A relative. A co-worker. Or a trusted friend.

"Windsor Park Stories" demonstrates and defines the cherished concept of human sincerity. As the emotion flows from the storytellers, only the most calloused viewer can remain untouched. These people are genuine.

The Setting

The extraordinary stories told in Windsor Park are a carefully selected collection of humanity's struggles over the past half-century. The tales include:

Tony Lawrence with Pete Carlisimo

  • The first athlete from Northeastern Pennsylvania who was fortunate enough to participate in the mock warfare of professional football. Later in life, as a successful attorney, he fought a greater battle against the crippling opponent of clinical depression.

  • A successful architect and his wife who are suddenly confronted with their own mortality. The wake-up call arrives when he is diagnosed with cancer. Their efforts to co-exist with the affliction as they strive for eventual victory are eye-opening as well as inspirational

  • A World War II veteran who witnessed the horrors of the Nazi death camp at Buchenwald. His observations are not those of a persecuted holocaust survivor, but as a member of the victorious Allied army who liberated the camp. The brutal lesson in human hatred he received has inspired him to fight racism for the remaining years of his life.

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