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Windsor Park Stories: Private Screening Feedback

My family and I wanted to say thank you again for a wonderful evening of Windsor Park Stories. My husband and children really loved the stories and talked all the way home about it until they finally fell asleep.
Amy Becks,

Kitch and Tony,
We watched Windsor Park for the first time this evening, mainly because our friend, Kevin Blaum, would be on it. And wow! What a great park you have for the background. Makes it so easy for one to get comfortable and talk. While Kevin is normally very easy to talk to I think the surrounding made it even easier.
Barry Erick

Doc & Kitch,
I just wanted to say a quick thank you and congratulations. Many people have shared their positive thoughts about Windsor Park with me. My Grandmother and her friends are now watching from "East End" because of Kevin Blaum's story. I am proud to be part of the Windsor Park Team.
John Augustine III

I found the questions that you posed both original and interesting. Never before have I seen a television show that looks not only at the person, but also at the person's mind, soul and heart. As I watched I couldn't help but think about my own answers to the questions as well.
Christopher Kulp

Bob Richardson

Everyone thought the screening was fabulous. It gave the girls a an insight into Northeastern Penna. and some of the stories coming out of Northeastern Penna. Sue Hands' paintings were simply beautifulů We received quite a few calls complimenting the show and know that Channel 44 will have many new viewers come Sunday nights.
Jan Ginley

What a wonderful evening it was!
Dr. Gale Jaeger

The reviews are awesome. The calls and emails are beyond belief. Tony, do you understand that people had to turn off the NFC championships to watch it?? and they did!!! Today, Rep. John Yudichock said, great show!
Rep. Kevin Blaum

I think you've really out-done yourself this year for WPS Season Three and there are many stories that I just can't wait to see. I went to mass this morning and about one dozen people approached me saying that they saw the clip on 44 last night. They were overjoyed at how wonderful it looked.
Phil Yacuboski

First of all, let me congratulate you on a lovely and successful evening Saturday night. It must have been very gratifying to see so many people there, and it must also be gratifying to see how nicely the program has come along and how well it is received. Well done!
Suzanne McCabe

I think that last Saturday night at WVIA was a night to remember. I feel that the night was a huge success for everyone who attended. The program was well organized and obviously much time was spent preparing for this night.
Tricia Hudak

Thank you for a wonderful evening.
Stan Zygmunt

My friend, Richard, and I would like to thank you for a wonderful evening Saturday. We enjoyed it. It was a very uplifting night. We're looking forward to Season 3!
Tara Reilly

My parents and I really enjoyed the get-together last Saturday night. It was very nice of you to invite us. I didn't know much about Kevin Blaum or Joe Peters, having been away from the local scene for so long, but I feel like I know them now. I was struck by how much Kevin resembles the actor Bill Pullman, especially in the way the latter looked in "Independence Day." They both have that same flash in their eyes! My dad is a Republican and even he says Kevin is a pretty good guy - big concession from the conservative branch of the family.
Dr. Norman D. Nicol

What a screening night. Students were all excited when they came in this AMůmany had seen it on TV. ů.I want to thank you both for providing one of the highlights of my life!
Sue Hand

Three different alumni came up to me just this weekend. One at the King's basketball game two at the community campaign luncheon. They all had justseen the most recent airing and said they really were moved and enjoyed your series, too. I had to tell one of them how to get to Windsor Park.
Louise Wasserott

You could feel God's presence at the screening
Ann Searfoss

It was an extreme honor to be a part of such a beautiful evening. I have been spreading the word about your program. You do have a way of reaching deep into the soul of your interview party and audience.
Cathy Laskaris

Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable evening with old and new friends. The stories were extraordinary, and it's true they do happen to ordinary people, all the time.
Beulah & Buddy Rothstein

It was Simply wonderful.
Dr. Rudolf Schleich

Ms. Jenny Blanchard kicked off the festivities with opening accolades that included praise from the powerhouse documentary series Frontline. The stage was literally set for a long evening that would seem to be over in an instant.
The preview clips of selected stories supported the general consensus that this 3rd season is the strongest yet. W P S has stepped way beyond the individual showcase and will be embracing whole communities in such episodes as "Legacy, (7/16)" the story of one town's 85-year-old tradition, talented groups in "The Butler Irish Dancers, (6/11)," and dare I say, entire countries as several specials will include Ireland.
While the local flavor is the foundation of the series, the ever-expanding variety of international guests, interests, and locations will add significant momentum to the already successful venue.
Bob Ryan
Ryan's Review

Windsor Park is wonderful. I have seen most of the shows and have enjoyed them so much. What a wonderful legacy for the community.

...Windsor Park is wonderful...I am looking forward to the next episode. Showcasing local people who are interesting and unique is commendable.

In my opinion your're doing a great job. Just from seeing Sue hand's video story.I think you're getting good questions in. I especially liked the part where you showed the pictures of Mrs. Hand young. Your photography of the whole thing was very pleasant also. Youm do a good job of capturing the scenic beauty of Windsor Park. I live near the park...I hope to be drawing or painting pictures there this Spring.

Patrick Austin, Age: 13

I think you did a great job with your interview with Sue Hand in Windsor park. I really likeed when she was talking about her dog...also the shots of the park were beautiful. It is avery nice show. Good job!

Katelyn Kaminski, Age 12

Windsor Park Stories has depth and information for all ages.

Ms. Annette J. Walukiewizc, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Windsor Park Stories is a television series that does humanity a service by restoring virtue and reinforcing the positive in a time when other shows dare not.

Tara Reilly Pocono Record

The show asks questions that need to be asked...The show works because everyone has at least one part of his life that is fascinating. Every show is interesting and good television. Here's hoping the show runs forever.

Eric Compton New York Post

I think your Windsor Park Story, My Mom My Inspiration, will be helpful in professional training.

I think that having the Windsor Park Story of John and Marilyn Gregorski for cancer patients and their families to view will help answer the question "how have other people in my situation dealt with this?" ....Viewing this video will provide ...a patient's perspective that I could not provide.
Karlynn BrintzenhofeSzoe Coordinator of Psychological Research Johns Hopkins Oncology Center

All In One Lifetime, the story of Atty. Tony Lawrence, was just marvelous....
Mr. Victor Arena

Watched Windsor Park Stories last night and I was impressed
. Mrs. William F. O'Hara

We enjoy Windsor park stories.
Joan and Joe Vincent Clarks Summit, PA

It sounds like a terrific series.
Joe Flannery The Scranton Times Scranton, PA

The Fly Boys lets the viewer witness the real experience of war through human eyes.
Bob Ryan Dallas, Pa

Thank you for your Windsor Park Story, Dead on Arrival.
Ray Cramer Dalton, PA

Tony and Kitch Mussari are superb producers, rare to find in our business.
Mary Ellen Keating Senior Vice President Corporate Communications Barnes & Noble

We really enjoy Windsor Park Stories. You do manage to spin extraordinary stories about ordinary people. We love Windsor Park Stories.
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Ryan Dallas, PA

I watch your show on Sunday night, and I think it is an excellent half-hour
Lorraine Puza Eynon, PA

Dead On Arrival, the Windsor Park Story of Dr. Leon Bass, was not only compelling to listen to, but so passionately delivered, that I wanted you to know how much I appreciated the program. Thank you for sharing these stories with WVIA's audience, and keep up the good work.
Brian C. Ferrence Summit Station, PA

What a wonderful idea for a series. Jean and Lloyd Warneka
Dallas, PA

I've been a Green Bay Packer fan since I was about eight years old. Last night I was watching the long anticipated and expected Super Bowl...Exactly at 7p.m. - I checked out "The Park" and your opening monologue piqued my interest. Just as Denver's star running back missed the whole second quarter, so did I.
Bob Ryan Dallas. PA

Thank you for airing the interview with Mr. Bass on his life experiences and battling racism and prejudice. It was a marvelous service.
David Walline

Windsor Park Stories is serenity for the soul.
Caller to WVIA TV Fundraiser

Just wanted to let you know that I saw the Windsor Park Stories on WVIA last night with Mr. Compton, enjoyed it thoroughly. I especially liked how he was so bothered about all the greediness in sports today, and how the game has changed from one whose purpose was to have fun to one where, as he says, 21 year old kids turn down $100 million dollar contracts. I know I wouldn't!

I was surprised when he got so personal about his divorce because I didn't think it was typical of a "sports guy" to speak so frankly about something so heartbreaking as a broken marriage. Shows what I know. It was a little bit of a shock, but it was nice to see that he could speak about it without having to cop a macho attitude. Anyway, keep up the good work.
Rachel Adams

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